The First Day


NewYearsDay 113

The first day of the year, the rain is finally gone and the sun is out –  a perfect start to the decade, beautiful enough to make one forget economic woes and other bothersome worries.   

It seems almost that spring is around the corner instead of the lurking dead of a February winter.   The sun’s warmth and the lack of wind calls for open windows that welcome the fresh, crisp air inside.




NewYearsDay 111

A wayward branch of a potted orchid becomes a blooming flower in a majolica swan (Objects Lost and Found.)




NewYearsDay 001Though there was a rare, early snow, the roses continue to bloom…




NewYearsDay 171

….as if they too are defying the date.




NewYearsDay 037

And although the pink and white cyclamens prefer the frigid air,  their bright blooms fool the eye into thinking it must be some other day than the first one of the year.



NewYearsDay 029

The birds that winter here, like to linger and bathe in the same chilly water that the dogs will later claim in the summer heat.




NewYearsDay 182

Squirrels hide their acorns in pots where in the spring, forgotten, tiny oaks will emerge among the ivy. 





NewYearsDay 140

The shells are the promise of the coming summer – closer now that the winter solstice has passed and each day is slightly longer than the last.




NewYearsDay 101 

Later, as the light starts its inevitable march into dusk – a decision must be made.




NewYearsDay 045

Should you stay, in the open, drinking up the last warm rays before dark?





NewYearsDay 137

Or, better, here, sheltered from the cold night air that is sure to come, nestled up against welcoming arms and soft pillows, a perfect perch to bid goodbye to the first day.

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