Houston, the Bloggers Have Landed

Cote de Texas, In(side) the Loop, Carolina Eclectic, and La Dolce Vita

Today, the elder statesman (actually, me, a.k.a. the older hag) of the Association of Design Bloggers of Houston had lunch with three of its younger members. OY! Talk about low self esteem! I mean, have you ever had the sun blaring down on all your wrinkles while trying to be young, fresh and casual while eating with three 20-something year olds? It's not easy, let me tell you. Never, ever would a 53 year old woman choose to sit so close to a bright window - we fossils prefer to eat where the sun don't shine! I wanted a paper bag to put over my head! Seriously. Oh well, I digress.

Actually, it was great fun meeting up with Courtney of In(side) the Loop and Paloma of La dolce vita and Carolina of Carolina Eclectic - all three are adorable, sweet, and so young! Did I mention how good their skin looked? The really sad truth here is I'm probably older than their mothers but thankfully, no one mentioned that. Alright, here's the lowdown on the Houston bloggers: Courtney is the talker. Very friendly and very vivacious. She had to be because the other three of us are pretty quiet by nature. Courtney's spirit is infectious, an absolute doll! Paloma is the beauty of the group. She's a high school Spanish teacher, but she should just resign and take up modeling - beautiful blue eyes, absolutely gorgeous! Oh God! Give me that paper bag, please! Carolina admitted to us outright that she's very shy. A mother to a toddler boy, she's a very sweet girl who hails from Amarillo. An interior designer, she had the nerve to tell me she doesn't like CHINTZ! Well, I've never! Oh, and she's a minimalist too, whatever that is. :)

Girls - we need to do it again, especially before someone moves to the other side of the globe (can't say which one, her neighbors read her blog). But I'm picking the restaurant next time, a nice, dark one without windows, OK?

Courtney, Paloma and Carolina

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