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Months ago I read a blog by another interior designer who talked about a disease she suffered from called "Magazine Coveritis."  She described it as a disease "that makes one obsessive about each and every corner of their home maintaining a cover shot existence. Creating an image of beauty becomes a priority over creating a beautiful home."   Melissa, the sufferer of Magazine Coveritis, writes the blog, The Inspired Room.  As you can imagine, after reading about Melissa's infliction, I was forced to admit  that yes, I too suffer from Magazine Coveritis and since we were both sufferers, we became instant blogging friends.  Melissa is now in recovery from the disease which she attributes to realizing her home will never be perfect and maturity!  I wish I was that mature.  Oh well, maybe one day. The Inspired Room is a very - well - inspiring blog, filled with inspirational talks from Melissa on the home, design, love of family, and faith.  She has a huge readership and is much beloved by them all.  Once, Melissa wrote about my blog and my stats went through the roof with visits from her many readers.   She is always there for me when I need advice or someone to lend an ear.  She is such a sweet person and that sweetness comes out through her blog loud and clear.  She wears many hats, a mother, a wife, an interior designer, blogger, and author for  Christian Women Online magazine.  Melissa reaches out to her readers with special themes - she invites guest bloggers, she throws cyberspace parties, she has gift giveaways - there is always something exciting going on at The Inspired Room.  This week she hosted a theme on Design Inspirations and invited guest bloggers to discuss design and what it means to them.  Melissa was kind enough to include me in on this and last night she posted my entry on design (read it here).  I'd love for you to read my article, but even more, I'd love for you to check out The Inspired Room.  Thanks, Melissa - you're the best!

Melissa's sitting room off her kitchen.  I love the red toile on the chair and the painted table.

Melissa's remodeled kitchen - what great skylights.

Once again, Melissa' kitchen with the beautiful wood countertops.

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