Found: A Fabulous Flea!

What do you do when you’re friends with your competitor?  You join forces, of course.   And what do you do when the economy is in the tank?   You have a sale, of course!     And that’s just what Mary Daly of The Fabulous Flea and Aaron Rambo and Ruth Davis of Found For the Home have done.  

Two of my favorite haunts, The Fabulous Flea and Found For the Home, are having a huge sale, starting tomorrow – this Thursday through Saturday:  June 4 – 6.   They are calling it a “Screw The Economy” sale and for once, we the shoppers benefit:  EVERYTHING is 30% off!   Found for the Home has schlepped tons of their great antiques over to Mary’s shop, located in the prettiest garage in Houston.  I featured her place, here, and listen people, even if you don’t need or want a thing, go!!!!   Just a chance to see the shop alone is worth your time and effort.   Trust me on this. 

The other day, I was lucky to get a sneak peek at what’s for sale and the prices are great – so great I had to get a few things myself, of course!   I wouldn’t be a shopaholic if I didn’t.  Like Ben (the famous Mr. Slipper Socks Man) says - “it’s not a good day for Joni unless money is exchanged.”  You’ve got that right, Ben.

Here are some of the pictures I took the other day at The Fab Flea, all styled and ready for the sale.   Word of warning - there’s something in the pictures that is no longer available – it’s at MY house now!      Detailed information on the sale and location can be found here.  Enjoy!



The Fabulous Flea is a shop that connects to Mary Daly’s house.  The house is on the left, then the lush gardens are behind the arched wooden gate, next to which is The Fab Flea, housed in a wonderful lofted-ceilinged room that adjoins a large “garage.”   One day, when Daly is tired of the retail grind, the shop can be turned into guest quarters or a party room.   The architect?   The divine Mr. A., aka Kurt Aichler – without a doubt!!! 




Love the truck Mary!  You can enter the shop two ways- either through the wonderful carriage doors…. 




Or through the arched front door, with it’s antique French lantern and scalloped awning.  Notice the double FFs on the awning. 




Today, I decide to go through the front door.  Good thing too – those sconces caught my eye right away!  hehe




The large, main room is filled to the rafters with merchandise from The Fab Flea and Found.   There are tons of wood and iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and lots of French antiques along with a great collection of  the unique, one-of-a-kind, “industrial” styled pieces that Found is famous for. 



Hmmmm,  this vignette looks interesting to me.   Look at the lines on that settee, the bottom is actually scalloped!  Divine!



Of course, one of the most fun parts of shopping at The Fab Flea is peeking through the windows at the main house and gardens.   Stalker-alert!



All over the store are these wonderful lamps that are custom made by Found out of, well, found objects!   I love the framed collection above the buffet.



This chair is exceptionally cute with its linen ruffled skirt.  But notice the standing lamp to its left.   There are several of these wonderful lights, in slightly different styles, by Found, of course. 





Every corner has something great – I love this lamp, and the desk, and the ottoman…and it’s all 30% off!      OK, breathe.




To get from the main room to the “garage” – you go through this set of large, wooden doors.  




The garage room is filled with a mix of French antiques, chandeliers, and more unique Found items.  


image I really love these garden chairs.




image Great wine table and pillows covered in ticking - but the rocking horse steals the show.





Along the back wall is this large painting – in muted grays and yellows.   I really, really loved this!!!!   I only wish I had a place for it!




You KNOW I’m going to lust over these crystal sconces from Found.  





Great table and chairs – check out the lions, perfect for a front porch or atop a long console inside.   There’s also this wonderful marble and brass dessert tray that I caught my eye.


image OK – someone HAS to buy this corner chair – maybe my favorite piece in the shop!


image This picture gives you an idea of how many light fixtures there are – and not one stinker in the bunch.

OK – time to leave, and decide on my purchases.


What to get????   I adore this settee, wouldn’t it be wonderful in front of a bed?  And that pillow – a huge bolster made from tapestry!   The urns!  That table! 




image I had to MAKE the gang pose for this picture.  The girls were happy to, it was the boys who complained about how they looked!!!!   OK, this was after a long, hard day of moving furniture and styling, but still, they all look great:   Brian Beatty, interior designer extraordinaire, Mary Daly – The Fab Flea, and Aaron Rambo and Ruth Davis, of Found For The Home. 

So, what did I get?   Remember, everything IS 30% off – who can resist????



Thanks guys!   Y’all are the best!



Store Hours for the sale:

Screw the Economy
30% off Summer Sale
3211 Bammel Lane
Houston, TX 77098

Map and Directions here.
Thursday - June 4, 2009 10:00-8:00
Friday - June 5, 2009 10:00-5:00
Saturday - June 6, 2009 10:00-5:00

For more information – go to The Fabulous Flea, here.

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