Top Ten Thanksgiving List

My top ten list, some serious, some tongue-in-cheek, of things I’m giving thanks for this season.  Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy   Thanksgiving!



image Sammie Jo and Georgie


1.  I’m thankful for these two little girls who guard our house and me, in particular.  Well, I should say the one girl who guards my house (guess which one!)   The other one is stone deaf and is really only concerned about where her next onion ring is coming from!  But still, living without dogs would be unimaginable in our house.  They define my decorating:   they were chosen to match with the decor and the slipcovers and seagrass are just for them.   It’s not easy having pets -  they worry us with their endless ailments and their lifespan is much too short.   But mostly they make us laugh at their antics and teach us about unconditional love.  Life would be empty without these two. 




2.  I’m thankful that Starbucks was considerate enough to open up a new drive-through five minutes from my house.   Less time is spent away from my family now that they are so close by.  




RoundTop2009 004  Wills and Caroline


3.  I’m thankful for all my nieces and nephews – these two are on Ben’s side.   I’m especially thankful they live on a ranch outside of town and let me come visit and totally disrupt their schedules with my late night wonderings.



 South Padre Island, Texas


4.   I’m thankful for that long, skinny sandbar at the tip of Texas that I get to visit each summer.    Spending a month on the island is my idea of heaven – I only wish my daughter felt the same way!



 Petermanbedroom 018



5.  I’m thankful for nice clients – human ones too.  Clients who are gracious and giving are such a pleasure to work with.    Good clients make it all worthwhile – especially ones like Mimi’s mom.   But mostly I’m thankful that I even had any work at all this year.




The Little Miss UT Cheerleader


6.   I’m thankful for great-nieces who are too adorable for words!    And I’m especially thankful that the UT Horns haven’t lost a game this season – that puts Mr. Slipper Socks Man in a really great, but hairy,  mood. 




The O’s in the Red Room.


7.  I’m thankful that this woman keeps this man so happy and contented.  Hopefully, he will be able to lead us out of this economic nightmare and bring prosperity back to America.  





8.  I’m truly thankful for the blog and everything that has happened because of it – all the friendships and the email buddies I have made along the way.    Without a doubt it’s been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done with my long life and without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to say that.    And, I’m thankful for my real-life friends who have indulged me with this venture and understood all the time it takes me away from them, especially Lisa – the sweetest person in the world!





The Cohen, Wise, and Webb Families


9.    I’m thankful for my family for all the support and love and laughs along the way.   (Even though this picture is rather old, it’s the best one I have of all of us except that Allison and Laine are missing)    Pretty good looking bunch even though we look like the Gang in Black!  We took this at my father’s 80th birthday party we gave for him five years ago. 



imageAfter Camp Reunion:   The Hug.



The Tears.


image The Smiles.


10.   Mostly, I’m thankful for these two – Ben and Elisabeth.    I can’t believe she’s going to college this September, I only hope I survive the empty nest syndrome.  I already know Ben won’t.    The other day he actually asked her if she would consider moving in with us after she marries.   He even offered her and her unknown husband our bedroom.   When she declined his offer, he informed her that this was how they live in Europe.    Well, move us to Europe then!!!   Seriously though – I always say, I married way up.   Sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky I got in the marriage lottery.  Maybe waiting until you are 33 to marry is the key to true happiness.   We’re the Three Musketeers and couldn’t be any closer. 


Happy Thanksgiving To You  All!!!!!

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